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Donations to help continue this effort to save lives and eliminate cervical cancer in Haiti can be made to the Prospect/ Goshen Foundation and mailed to PO Box 215   Prospect, KY 40059 or click DONATE BUTTON below to use credit card.

A Rotary humanitarian effort to improve the quality of life and healthcare for women and children in the towns of Fonfrede and Les Cayes, Haiti just hit a bullseye in targeting the elimination of cervical cancer in that part of the world.  The Rotary Foundation has approved the Prospect/Goshen Rotary Club’s (PGR) Global Grant in the amount of $65,758, providing the startup money needed to literally get this show on the road.  TEAM Rotary from the Prospect Goshen and LaGrange Rotary club had boots on the ground and just came back with big smiles on their faces.

 This Grant includes funding from Rotary’s World Fund, Rotary District 6710’s Foundation, four Area 9 Rotary Clubs including PGR, LaGrange, South Oldham and Eminence, and the Haitian Rotary Club in Les Cayes.  Rotarians from these clubs will be working alongside Capra Care, Inc., a nonprofit healthcare organization founded and run by Haitians in Fonfrede, in order to achieve the project goals set out in the Global Grant. 

 “It’s great to be a part of a project where funds donated to the Rotary Foundation by Rotarians throughout District 6710, as well as from around the world, have been combined and are now being used to make a part of the world a better place to live,”  quotes Herb Shulhafer, President of Prospect/Goshen Rotary Foundation.

 All these goals will allow for the expansion of Capra Care’s existing healthcare programs to provide further community outreach, education and support programs relating to preventative health care for women and children.  Its main focus is on implementing and administering the See & Treat method of detecting and treating cervical cancer in its precancerous stage.  At this time, Capra Care is the only provider of health services in the Fonfrede area and this project will make a huge difference to saving lives in that community.

 A team of professionals from the Prospect/Goshen Rotary were in Haiti in August to work with Dr. Steven Papillon, Capra Care’s medical director in Fonfrede.  PGR boots on the ground will include Dr. James B. Haile, retired OB/GYN; Dr. Muriel Harris, Professor of Public Health at the University of Louisville; Stacey Bailey-Ndiaye, PGR International Chair and Executive Director of Bridge-Kids; and JoAnn Heppermann, PGR Project Chair and Area 9 Assistant District Governor. Additional area Rotarians will also be accompanying the group to assist in the one week training processes and subsequent grand opening celebration.

 Supplies Over Seas, a Louisville medical based surplus organization, will be helping the local Rotary team to obtain and ship needed medical supplies and equipment to Haiti in a 40’ seagoing container.

 PGR President Alan Laughlin says, “Cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in Haitian women with an estimated 1,500 deaths annually. It is our hope that our efforts will benefit the entire community of Fonfrede with healthier lives and that this program will continue to grow to finally eliminate cervical cancer throughout Haiti.”

 Additional information regarding this program can be found on the Prospect/Goshen Rotary website  or contacting JoAnn Heppermann through her website at   

 Project updates can also be followed by going to and liking Rotary Club of Prospect Goshen Facebook page.







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